Wonder Girl’s and 2PM Tango Rehearsal

19 Nov


I’ve seen Sun Mi’s and Taec… but when they posted up So Hee and Khun, I thought, ‘heck, let’s post this.’

Sun Mi and Taec

Sun Mi and Taec were good!! They matched in height (height factor is very important when you dance tango or Salsa, even more in Tango), and also, matched in look. LOL Good looking people…

The last pose was smexy!!! Everyone was applauding~ I will to, if I’m there.

So Hee and Khun

Khun caused a commotion when he did a slide on So Hee’s side. XD I think I heard Ye Eun and Sun Ye’s voice, going ‘Woaoooo~~~’ when he did that. LOL

I think he just did whatever their teacher wanted too. He looked so innocent. XD Hahhaa~

The last part was cute, he was a bit stunned (?) when So Hee just ran away. So Hee is so shy!

I saw Jae Bum, Taec, Junsu (?) , and Woo Young sitting with Wonder Girls at the right hand side, Chan Sung and Jun Ho at the right handside. (OMG Junho looked like Bi from afar… )

Of course, Khun was not there because he’s dancing. XD


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