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Andy & Solbi, shall we dance?

28 Jan

I was surfing Youtube and looky looky here! 😀 AnSol couple in action! okay, maybe they are not dancing together, but at least they were in the same show. I don’t know why there is a show like this, but its kind of interesting to watch the celebrities dancing to types of music they were not really used to.

Andy danced to Jive music, Rock and Roll and I must say he looked adorable!He even added his heart dance at the end~ He got a mark of 81 points, which I believe was given by the judges. Nice try, Andy!

Solbi showed off her true sexy self while dancing rumba with her partner, and she got 89 points for her performance! She looked sexy, but the white dress isn’t really working for her. She need something like bright red or sparkling purple, or hot blue! The background music was ‘Don’t Know Why’.

Anyway, the last part was a bit hillarious. Her ending pose with her dance partner was a bit sensual, so the MCs asked her to do it on Min Woo and Seung Ri (who was also on the show, and I DO wonder why Andy is not there for the demonstartion. Haha~) Watch out for their expressions!

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Cool Girls, Ye Eun and Mi Seung~

28 Jan

I don’t know if everyone watched this, but I did and I had a good laugh. The show, Introducing Star Friend. The guest, YooBin & Ye Eun of Wonder Girls, Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon of SS501, and Chan Sung of 2PM, alongside their friends of course.

The show had become less interesting when I last watched it… but in this episode, this catched my attention most. 🙂

Ye Eun’s friends, sang Nobody and Tell Me in pansori (a Korean traditional style of singing) and it was hillarious! Even the other guest was laughing like crazy. Ye Eun accompanied her by dancing to the verses (she was even laughing herself).

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Lady T is BACK!

24 Jan

Remember T? Or Tasha Reid. Or Yoon Mi Rae. The queen of soul, RnB and hip hop of Korea is finally back with a single, 떠나지마 (Please Don’t Go).

I was surfing through the internet, and was surprised to see T coming back with a brand new song. She had her comeback performance on MNet Countdown on the 22nd of January, and she’s looking lovely as ever!

If anyone remembered her third album, this new song will remind you to 잊았니 (Did you remember?). It seemed like 떠나지마 (Please Don’t Go) is a continuation of it, and as expected I fell in love with this song at the very first listen. I highly recommend the song to anyone new to T’s style. She showcased her soulful voice, powerful yet touching, this is a must have for T’s fans.

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Shameless: Fanfic Trailer

20 Jan

I was bored and couldn’t sleep… and resort to watch Youtube so that it would make me sleepy. Or so I thought. And now I am wide awake. XD

Anyway, while surfing I came across this trailer again, by insertusernamehere. I watched this long time ago, but still I marvelled at how good the trailer is. Featuring Wonder Girls and Big Bang members.

I read the fanfic as well in Soompi, but unfortunately it was closed, and the author never post up the fic somewhere else. (Or is it just me who never find it)

Anyway. Its up to you to judge. But the trailer is brilliant, it give the right feeling about the fic itself.

Kim Junho to officially debut in a CF

17 Jan

Some must be wondering who is him… some might know straight away. But to the one who doesn’t, he is Xiah Junsu’s twin brother, Kim Junho.

I find it interesting that how different they are (they are fraternal twin, by the way). They may not have very similar look, but they resembles each other. And Junho’s voice is very manly compared to Xiah’s. 😀

I look forward his acting career, and hopefully he will not be known only as Xiah Junsu older brother, but as Kim Jun Ho himself.

Good luck!

Son Ho Young-Kim Ji Woo tandem: Conflicting Statements?

14 Jan

Singer Son HoYoung and actress Kim JiWoo ended their one year relationship. Ever since Son Hoyoung said that their relationship was more than just friends (last year) they’ve had a good relationship, but the Song HoYoung said in a recent interview that their relationship ended at the end of last year.

They just decided to remain as a good “oppa and dongseng” relationship. The two spent alot of time doing their own things so they had less and less time to spend each other. Because they saw each other less, they naturally grew apart. However, Kim JiWoo said that it is true that they had a good relationship, but it is hard to say that they were in a dating relationship. This issue over these two is drawing alot of attention.

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Dong Bang Shin Ki To Start Concert Tour From Seoul Next February

13 Jan

Group Dong Bang Shin Ki to begin on their 3rd concert tour.

‘The 3rd Asia Tour – Mirotic’ will set to start in February next year in Seoul, and will move on to 5 other cities like Beijing, ShangHai and Taipei in 12 concert performances. Seoul’s concert performance will be in Seoul Olympic Stadium on 20th to 22nd February.

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