Hello Everyone~

6 Jan

I just got back from holiday, and imagine my horror when I spotted a very silly mistake on my previous post!

I’m not ignorant, I don’t know what happened but actually Kim Yuna finished second in ISU Grand Prix in Korea last time, as oppossed to my pre-edited title ‘Kim Yuna Finished First in ISU Grand Final’.

I must be daydreaming when I typed that, I admit it was rather a very silly mistake. I apologise to both Kim Yuna and Mao Asada fans (who actually snatched the gold medal in the competition). I’ll make sure I will not repeat such mistake again.

On a lighter note, I am back, but not really back since I will be busy with my studies. Autumn exams are coming up! Wish me luck everyone!

And to Linh, if you happen to read this post, I missed you too! 😀 I’ll contact you soon!


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