Seung Ri, the boy had grown up!

6 Jan

Holy crap. That’s my first reaction after I finished watching his solo attempt with ‘Strong Baby‘. I don’t really get why the song get such a silly title, but the song is unexpectedly nice to the ears.

Well, except for a few words (including the word ”crack’. I mean, what’s up with that? O.o) and the weird choice of words in GD’s rap. If they do a little bit better in these two areas, I honestly believe the song would score 10 out of 10 in my hall of fame.

Get a glimpse of Seung Ri strutting everything he got in the MV. Featuring G-Dragon.

Nice try, nice MV indeed. Lots of women in some scene. Nice dance moves, but none are really ‘friendly’ to be followed. Smooth and sleek. Thats what come into my mind watching him dance.

The lyrics are about indulging in music together, as one. Or so I understands from the translation provided by CJWTown. Many thanks.

And oh boy, he indeed grown up now. Hah. I don’t really bought it. Except for… nice abs, Seung Ri!

When they banned Rain’s Rainism and DBSK Mirotic because of the ‘sexual referenced’ lyrics, I was half-expecting Strong Baby would receive such treatment because of the lyrics, even though its kind of subtle (and so was Rainism and Mirotic. Its just for a sexy effect, nothing much).

Imagine my amusement when they banned him from performing in KBS solely because of the word crack. *chuckles*


One Response to “Seung Ri, the boy had grown up!”

  1. bigbangxvip March 26, 2009 at 4:11 am #

    Yeah ! I lov e RI
    and I also heared that the song has to be changed
    from -CRACK- to -CLAP-

    Because Crack is another name for a CoCane

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