Ne-Yo and Brian Joo Collaboration!

13 Jan

Ne-Yo and Brian seem like they are going to preform on one stage. It has been planned that Fly to the Sky’s Brian will meet Ne-Yo on the 11th of this month (That’s this Sunday!)

Universal Music says, “After Ne-Yo’s second concert he decided to do a Korean phone interview and decided to meet up with Brian.”

Ne-Yo and Brian together~

Currently, Ne-Yo is on his world tour and on December 30th, he did a email interview with Korean people. In this email interview he said, “In the first concert I have done the cheers of the Korean fans was the most impressive out of all of them.” “I am happy to keep that promise that I will come back.”

Ne-Yo released his new album ‘Year of the Gentleman’ The single ‘Closer’ “The song is about memories of cultural differences in London, England.” explained Ne-Yo.

In Ne-Yo second concert in Korea he will release a special version of his music video from ‘Year of the Gentleman’ to celebrate the anniversary of Universal Music and for the Korean fans.

Ne-Yo debuted in 2006 and his albums have made the top chart. He is receiving evaluations as a singer and a song writer. His third album is ‘Year of the Gentlemen’. Ne-Yo will win a grammy for being the ‘Best R&B singer’ on February 8th.

On the other hand Ne-Yo’s concert will be on the 11th 7PM (Korean time) at the Seoul SongPaGu BangeeDong Olympic Hall.

Many thanks to Juliana @ Universal FlytotheSky Forum and Soompi!


3 Responses to “Ne-Yo and Brian Joo Collaboration!”

  1. Keith Axlerod January 18, 2009 at 1:53 am #

    Yo I just heard that Hot 92.3fm is giving away tickets all w-end to Ne-Yo’s Feb 7th show at Club Nokia in L.A. Peep this:

  2. hhnbmedia January 27, 2009 at 9:38 am #

    Sadly, there are no clips or pictures from this concert. We were all wishing there would be one. x_x

  3. Sam Seul-gi February 1, 2009 at 3:27 am #

    wow!!!!! ^^ I want to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!! =.=

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