Son Ho Young-Kim Ji Woo tandem: Conflicting Statements?

14 Jan

Singer Son HoYoung and actress Kim JiWoo ended their one year relationship. Ever since Son Hoyoung said that their relationship was more than just friends (last year) they’ve had a good relationship, but the Song HoYoung said in a recent interview that their relationship ended at the end of last year.

They just decided to remain as a good “oppa and dongseng” relationship. The two spent alot of time doing their own things so they had less and less time to spend each other. Because they saw each other less, they naturally grew apart. However, Kim JiWoo said that it is true that they had a good relationship, but it is hard to say that they were in a dating relationship. This issue over these two is drawing alot of attention.

They were first seen together last March in Japan. They were seen on dates in Tokyo and Osaka and recieved alot of attention for a picture of them holding hands in the subway station in LA. At the time of this scandal, Son Hoyoung first denied it, saying that they were just friends. He didn’t publicize the fact that they were dating because he didn’t want the scandal to affect her acting career.

Fans were disappointed by their breakup (rather sad).

p/s: This is totally unexpected. Why? Because Hoi doesn’t really say they were dating (although it is quite obvious) and secondly, suddenly announcing their break-up get me thinking, ‘when do they actually date, by the way?’

many thanks to SHINEE_jonghyun<3@Soompi


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