Lady T is BACK!

24 Jan

Remember T? Or Tasha Reid. Or Yoon Mi Rae. The queen of soul, RnB and hip hop of Korea is finally back with a single, 떠나지마 (Please Don’t Go).

I was surfing through the internet, and was surprised to see T coming back with a brand new song. She had her comeback performance on MNet Countdown on the 22nd of January, and she’s looking lovely as ever!

If anyone remembered her third album, this new song will remind you to 잊았니 (Did you remember?). It seemed like 떠나지마 (Please Don’t Go) is a continuation of it, and as expected I fell in love with this song at the very first listen. I highly recommend the song to anyone new to T’s style. She showcased her soulful voice, powerful yet touching, this is a must have for T’s fans.

Here is the MV for 떠나지마 (Please Don’t Go), and it seemed like they only took the scenes from 잊았니 (Did you remember?) MV and contruct a new one. -_-;;

As for her personal life, in November 2008 Tasha and Tiger JK brought their son, Jordan to the last episode of Yoon Do Hyun Loveletter! It was the first time ever I heard her having a baby, and it was rather surprising.

But seeing her in this picture, I really feel happy for her and I wish her best of luck in her relationship with Tiger JK. (p/s: In case anyone wondering, I don’t think they announced their marriage to the media…)


3 Responses to “Lady T is BACK!”

  1. Chewie February 22, 2009 at 3:51 pm #

    wow, nice

  2. Kim April 3, 2009 at 2:32 pm #

    Just so everyone knows, yes they are married and no they did not get married because of her pregnancy. When JK’s grandfather (?) was dying he wanted them to get married because they had already been a couple for 7 years.

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