Andy & Solbi, shall we dance?

28 Jan

I was surfing Youtube and looky looky here! 😀 AnSol couple in action! okay, maybe they are not dancing together, but at least they were in the same show. I don’t know why there is a show like this, but its kind of interesting to watch the celebrities dancing to types of music they were not really used to.

Andy danced to Jive music, Rock and Roll and I must say he looked adorable!He even added his heart dance at the end~ He got a mark of 81 points, which I believe was given by the judges. Nice try, Andy!

Solbi showed off her true sexy self while dancing rumba with her partner, and she got 89 points for her performance! She looked sexy, but the white dress isn’t really working for her. She need something like bright red or sparkling purple, or hot blue! The background music was ‘Don’t Know Why’.

Anyway, the last part was a bit hillarious. Her ending pose with her dance partner was a bit sensual, so the MCs asked her to do it on Min Woo and Seung Ri (who was also on the show, and I DO wonder why Andy is not there for the demonstartion. Haha~) Watch out for their expressions!

Other contestants include Koo Hara of Kara, who scored 88 points. She danced to ‘Sing Sing Sing’, a famous song for swing dance or quick step.

Kim Hyung Joon of SS501 was next with waltz, accompanied by ‘The Shore of Swily’.He managed to score 83 points, and I can say, he can do better if he had more time to practice, with better facial expressions.

Then Andy and Solbi took the stage respectively.

Afterwards it was Son Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls who dance to pasodoble music, ‘Espana Cani’. She looked like a flamenco dancer. The last part was exquisite!

Seung Ri was next, dancing to Saxo (Samba music). He did a good job, he is a good dancer after all. With the best expression, best rhythm. He got the feel right.

M took the stage afterwards with Espana Ani, another pasodoble music for the day. The first part was like a scene from bullfighting ring! LOL He executed every dance step with perfection, but one thing he forget. Eye contact with his partner. Thats the ONLY thing that’s missing. If he did exactly that, the performance is perfecto! (p/s: he scored 92 btw)

Afterwards was Nam Gyuri of Seeya’s turn. She danced to ‘Over True’, a tango number. I just LOVE tango, so I was really enjoying her performance.She did well for someone who doesn’t really do tango. The performance was telling the audience a story, and it was a good one. Big applause to the cheorographer. (p/s: she scored 93)

The last person who took the stage was Baek Ji Young, accompanied by my favourite Cha Cha song, ‘Sway’. Ah, Baek Ji Young is a very good dancer! For a woman in her early thirties, she’s very attractive. Women attractiveness increases as they matured, don’t you think so?

As for her performance, in my eyes, the BEST out of the 9! She hit the right step, keep the eye contact with her partner, exquisite expressions, smiling every now and then, and follow the male dancer lead. Personally will give her 100 out of 100. But she scored 95, a point over Seung Ri and took home the trophy!

Congrats Baek Ji Young! You are the BEST!


4 Responses to “Andy & Solbi, shall we dance?”

  1. fragmented February 10, 2009 at 1:02 am #

    Stumbled on your post by accident ^_^
    I think it’s because you watched on youtube that you can’t see the eye contact from Minwoo cuz there’s plenty of it when I watched HQ version *woot*
    And so true, Baek Ji Young, you are the best!

  2. Krissy♥ February 18, 2009 at 6:16 am #

    what did u mean by this??? “Then Andy and Solbi took the stage respectively.”

  3. Krissy♥ February 18, 2009 at 6:16 am #

    “Then Andy and Solbi took the stage respectively.” what did u mean by this??

  4. Far February 18, 2009 at 9:49 pm #

    Krissy what I mean is Andy danced first, then Solbi. I never thought I would confused anyone with that sentence. Sorry. XD

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