Super Junior Explosive Comeback!

14 Mar

Welcome back Super Junior!Finally the day had come, and I am very sure that every single ELF living on this Earth is very happy. 😀 Even though I am not one of them. Anyway, back to business. I’m here to comment, so here is.

The title song, Sorry Sorry is very catchy. Reminds me of Gee by SNSD at first listen,but what to do. Both group are from SM Entertainment, so the similarity is kind of ‘unavoidable’. Nice cheorography nonetheless, very well done. Having ‘split’ the boys into smaller ‘groups’ as they danced away is a very good idea actually. Some of the dance stepI reminds me of Mirotic by DBSK and Rainism by Bi (Rain) was wondering whose eye and whose thigh (clad with laced-stockings) were featured in first few minutes of the MV, because I don’t really see the need of ‘them’.

Han Geng was the only one who was wearing shades, and he kind of stood out for that reason. And yeah, when he executed some of the dance sequence, he reminds me of Bi (Rain) performing Rainism, again. XD And as usual, its nearly impossible to get everyone on camera for a long time, so a few members had a blink and miss appearances, quite a pity. Especially who doesn’t really sing, most prominently Lee Teuk, Ki Bum and Hee Chul. As well as Han Geng, Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong I think.

Based on the MV, KRY (Kyu Hyun, Ryeo Wook and Ye Sung) lend their voices the most, followed by Si Won, Dong Hae, Kang In, and Sung Min. They are the good vocalist of the group, so I’m expecting that to happen even before they started their comeback activities.

And here is their comeback performance on KBS Music Bank, live. Yes, live. They sounded okay at first attempt, may be better as they perform the song over and over again. Apparently the ‘sing live’ trend had caught Super Junior too, ever since their 3rd album (I remember they sang Marry U live, they sounded nice).

And they also sang Track 2 from their latest album, The Reason Why I Like You. The song was okay, maybe its the fans screaming made me not  really feeling it.

Nonetheless, I found this really endearing. Them in the waiting room! Even though I only spot 11 out of 13 of the boys. And Shin Dong at the end holding up a paper.

Apparently the MC, Yoon Se Yoon (the guy MC) is getting married, so the paper read, ‘Yoon Se Yoon, congrats on your wedding.‘ And yes, watching it again, its Ki Bum who’s missing. (Reading a comment in Youtube made me realised maybe his mum was not feeling well. Get well soon auntie.)

Not really a fan of SUJU (as in now, who knows I catch the fever later. XD) but the song is catchy enough. Maybe after a few listen I’ll like it, and after a few more, I started to get tired of it? Ooppss. (I said this because it happen to be the case with SNSD‘s Gee.)

Anyway, best of luck with the latest venture!


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