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2PM Explosive Comeback…

24 Apr

It’s their time to shine! IT’s 2 PM!

*major nosebleed*

Did they do well? You decide.


Kim Yuna, the natural beauty…

18 Apr

I was surfing and thought, ah maybe I should visit Yuna’s cyworld for a start. And I hit the jackpot! LOL The girl was rarely updating during the seasons (which was rather, normal… considering she’s training hard for the competitions), but after the Worlds ended, I found myself staring at 2 new pictures, which looked to me like a ‘before-after’ make-up picture. Hehe~

Either way she’s still a beauty…only when with make-up she appeared matured, older. While without make-up she looked like a normal but beautiful teenager.


and other than that, I also ‘revisited’ her entry after winning the Worlds. Only that time around, I didn’t really understand what she wrote about. But BelleFilleYuna at Yu-Na Kim Forum had translated it (thank you so much) and it was quite touching… a humble thank you to Brian Orser, David Wilson, Astrid Shrubb and Tracy Wilson from my side. (Even though my existance was like… completely unimportant to this young star. LOL)


Why have I been worried so much, why have I gotten so fearful….
I had to go through so many uneasiness in my mind
thinking what if I fail at Worlds when I want it so much
Even though I was doing fine and I had confidence to do so,
I used to fear for the uncertainties my future holds for me.
However I think I could get it off a bit this time.
It feels as though I’m accomplishing my goals as I’ve envisionned it in my mind.
one step and then another…like climbing up to the place where I want to be
the moment that I realize my past hardships and sufferings were all for myself, here in present time.

Thank you.

Again and Again… 2:00PM, Time For Change

16 Apr

Ah, I had lost my heart again. Care to hand it back, Lee Jun Ho?

The MV is a nice change… since they did look manlier, compared to their last venture, 10 out of 10. Chan Sung finally look decent with short hair, Junsu looked considerably better with half-swept hair (rather than the bowl cut he sported during Only You activities), whilst the other look just like usual.

Even so! Nichkhun’s hairstyle is really not that good, and I disliked how some of them wore ‘half-completed’ pants (what’s wrong with ankle length pants anyway?)

One thing that I noticed, with Jun Ho looking every bit like Bi (except without those highlights), it reminds me of Bi’s In My Bed… so I don’t know.*sigh*

Anyway~ the boys looked mighty fine, and the song is SUPER nice, so I think I can overlook the flaws. 😛 Anyone interested, here’s Bi – In My Bed.

2PM Sizzling Again and Again!

15 Apr

I shouldn’t be doing this. I know. But this is how this thing work. People come, listen, repeated the song in their playlist. And then thought, ‘I should buy this’.

So, with the first listen, I think I’m going to buy the single. For sure.  Support 2PM guys!

Here’s the teaser.


Intentional Impeding during Warm-up at Figure Skating

14 Apr

I am thoroughly and immensely disappointed. I mean, what the hell is this?

I had huge respect on these skaters, they are the real fighters, but now they snatched it from me. Where is the sportsmanship guys?

Please stop. Don’t harm others and yourself too. It’s a plea.

Hail the new World Champion, Kim Yuna!

11 Apr

Yes. I am VERY late. But better late than never!

My favourite skater, Kim Yuna had finally claimed her first Worlds title with first class performance at LA. All I can say she’s magnificent! She had broken her own record of 72.24 she set at 4CC Championship, with a whopping 76.12 for her short program.

I had honestly believe she would never able to surpass her brilliant SP performance, El Tango de Roxane at 2007 World Championships in Tokyo. (Her performance at 4CC where she got 72.24 performing Danse Macabre wasn’t etched into my heart as a better performance than the memorable El Tango de Roxane)

Kim Yuna had proved me wrong. She did brilliantly in 2009 World Championship in LA, had left me gaping when she finished performing her short program (although I noticed she kind of slipped a little bit – very little, mind you – during the step sequence).

Everything was perfect, and dare I hope there’s more to come.

Her long program was the best in this season, even though she struggled with the salchow jump during the second half of the program.

And here she was, on the podium… I accidentally cried when she cried… Congratulations, Kim Yuna!

Which one do you prefer?

5 Apr

Cute love story?

{for Samsung Anycall Bodyguard}

Retro-looking guys and girls?

{for Cyon LG Lollipop}

or Sexy divas?

{for KTF Ever X-Slim}

I picked Wonder Girls over anything. Be it the dashing T.O.P or cute Kim So Eun. 🙂 As well as their endorsed KTF X-Slim phone, it’s better looking. Than Anycall (I actually love most of Samsung phones, but what are they thinking when they design this one???)

Oh well, what about you? Which one do you prefer? (Even if you can’t see any glimpse of Cyon’s Lollipop in the MV)