Hail the new World Champion, Kim Yuna!

11 Apr

Yes. I am VERY late. But better late than never!

My favourite skater, Kim Yuna had finally claimed her first Worlds title with first class performance at LA. All I can say she’s magnificent! She had broken her own record of 72.24 she set at 4CC Championship, with a whopping 76.12 for her short program.

I had honestly believe she would never able to surpass her brilliant SP performance, El Tango de Roxane at 2007 World Championships in Tokyo. (Her performance at 4CC where she got 72.24 performing Danse Macabre wasn’t etched into my heart as a better performance than the memorable El Tango de Roxane)

Kim Yuna had proved me wrong. She did brilliantly in 2009 World Championship in LA, had left me gaping when she finished performing her short program (although I noticed she kind of slipped a little bit – very little, mind you – during the step sequence).

Everything was perfect, and dare I hope there’s more to come.

Her long program was the best in this season, even though she struggled with the salchow jump during the second half of the program.

And here she was, on the podium… I accidentally cried when she cried… Congratulations, Kim Yuna!


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