Kim Yuna, the natural beauty…

18 Apr

I was surfing and thought, ah maybe I should visit Yuna’s cyworld for a start. And I hit the jackpot! LOL The girl was rarely updating during the seasons (which was rather, normal… considering she’s training hard for the competitions), but after the Worlds ended, I found myself staring at 2 new pictures, which looked to me like a ‘before-after’ make-up picture. Hehe~

Either way she’s still a beauty…only when with make-up she appeared matured, older. While without make-up she looked like a normal but beautiful teenager.


and other than that, I also ‘revisited’ her entry after winning the Worlds. Only that time around, I didn’t really understand what she wrote about. But BelleFilleYuna at Yu-Na Kim Forum had translated it (thank you so much) and it was quite touching… a humble thank you to Brian Orser, David Wilson, Astrid Shrubb and Tracy Wilson from my side. (Even though my existance was like… completely unimportant to this young star. LOL)


Why have I been worried so much, why have I gotten so fearful….
I had to go through so many uneasiness in my mind
thinking what if I fail at Worlds when I want it so much
Even though I was doing fine and I had confidence to do so,
I used to fear for the uncertainties my future holds for me.
However I think I could get it off a bit this time.
It feels as though I’m accomplishing my goals as I’ve envisionned it in my mind.
one step and then another…like climbing up to the place where I want to be
the moment that I realize my past hardships and sufferings were all for myself, here in present time.

Thank you.


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