A Rain’s Fan Review: Ninja Assassin!

2 Dec

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Not that I’m busy, I’m just ‘lazy’ing around doing nothing. I’m a freelancer at the moment (well, it’s my polite way of saying I’m unemployed), so I really had a LOT of time in my hand surfing (the internet, of course), watching movies and dramas, as well as binge eating. On daily basis.

Okay, enough of this, actually the MAIN motivator or you could say, inspiration to kick-start this blog again is THE man called Jung Ji Hoon. Ring any bell? Yup, the VERY same Jung Ji Hoon, Asia’s Biggest Superstar from South Korea. Nothing clicked yet? *rolls eyes* How about the man who kicked arse in NINJA ASSASSIN?

If the bell indeed rang, I’ll just say…. Ha! Finally we are thinking on the same frequency.

So why is this Jung Ji Hoon became the reason for me to resurrect my dead blog to life? Funny, isn’t it? But as funny as it is, I channelled my humble thanks to him. For giving me the inspiration. (Even though my thanks will disappeared into the thin air before it reaches him.)

To tell you the truth, it’s been days since I was aching to watch him in action in his newest flick, Ninja Assassin. I even get my cousins to drive me to the nearest town to watch my darling ‘sweetheart’ on the big screen!  (Well, they want to see the movie too, so in a way I didn’t really have to beg them to.) But IMAGINE my disappointment when the tickets were sold out on the day the movie premiered. I had to watch Twilight: New Moon instead. *big sigh* (No offense to Twilight Saga fans, New Moon is not that bad, but well… I would love to see my sweetheart first.)

From then on, I’ve been bugging my busy sister to go to the nearest cinema to watch him, and FINALLY! The day came. 1st December 2009. And so I decided to commemorate this day, THE DAY I went to watch my darling Jung Ji Hoon kicked up some arse and get bloodied in Ninja Assassin. (Major props to my sister, who even literally took the day off just to escort me to the cinema. Thank you, my lovely sister!)

Now that I’m home, still overdosed with the sexy ninja I just watched on the screen, I decided to do a review for the movie. And I think I should give a fair warning here, that I AM A BIG FAN of Jung Ji Hoon a.k.a Rain, so I WOULD BE bias in some of my statements. Or in all them.

So first thing first.

1. The plot and its presentation.

Definitely NOT one of the greatest plots I’d seen presented on the big screen. But in a way or another, the director/editor/whoever did the deed did a good job blending scenes together, although sometimes seeing Rain shirtless doing some ninja-like ‘exercises’ makes me wonder did they do it just to make his fans drool. (Not that I’m complaining I get to see his perfect six-pack abs quite a lot of times. HOHOHO. ^^)

If I had to slice the movie into three different sections, the first one was progressing really slowly. There were moments when I dived for popcorns and chewed for quite some time, a particular scene was still not over. But I had to admit that the very first scene was SO gory that I choked on my coke for the first time ever when watching a movie in the cinema. Talk about blood spurting here and there. Ewww.

When the time comes for Rain to get his arse on action, the movie gets better. I was amazed that the action sequences looked so real and great, four thumbs (that’s including my toes, just count it as thumbs only this once, okay?) up for Rain and his trainee, as well as the other stuntmen. The movements looked so slick and tight, the CGI added to represent that four edge star-things flew all over the place was nicely done.

2. The acting.

Rain aside, Naomi Harris was good. Her freaked out reaction looked real on the big screen. At least in my eyes, she did great. The child actors were also good. I kind of freak out watching every scenes they fought each other and get bloodied. It’s a good thing the movie received 18 and above certificate for screening in a lot of countries. (It’s not good to promote violence. Huhu.) The guy who played Maslow (I believe his name is Ben Miles?) was okay. He’s believable.

Lee Joon, the guy who played the adolescent Raizo did well. It’s kind of hard to imagine he is now a member of MBLAQ. (For those who didn’t know, MBLAQ is a boy band from South Korea. The group is under JTune Entertainment, Rain’s own company based in his homeland.) The chemistry between him and Raizo’s ‘first love’ was evident. And at least he gets to kiss the girl before the girl died. (Not that I am complaining since Rain kissed nobody. ^^)

About Rain… since its Rain I forgave him. (Told you I AM biased!) He was brilliant in his action scenes. But when he talks, his tone reminds me of this standard ‘storyteller’ tone in some movies. I admit it made me laughed when I shouldn’t be. XD

His dialogues were minimal (my sister mentioned a la Arnold Schwarzenegger), but remembering his exchanges with Mika (Naomi), I kind of understand that the scriptwriters want Raizo’s character to be quite good-natured, bold, and sometimes humorous despite his way of life. I’m glad they didn’t make him bitter or a grumpy old man. But in some of the scenes, Rain didn’t deliver the witty dialogues well. They sounded awkward, which was really understandable since Rain is trying hard to pronounce it well. You only heard a faint accent every time he spoke. So for Rain, *tap shoulder* good job with your English and pronouncing the words well.

But I had to admit his ‘You said you are size 34.’ was delivered well. His ‘I-don’t-care-it’s-not-my-fault-it’s-yours’ face was a total win.

When I walked into the cinema, I didn’t get my expectations up on the roof. Or to be perfectly and humbly honest, I’m not expecting anything at all. So when I went there, watched Rain in action, listened to his words, saw a twinkle in his eyes or a sly smile on his face, I know by heart I was entertained. Although there were moments when I gasped out aloud to see some limbs got totally mutilated in the actions scenes. Not to mention when my sweetheart got hurt. *sad*

It’s not that I like violence, but I think this flick is indeed nice. I like it better than Sin City. Or Kill Bill. Maybe because I am biased.

Okay. I’ll be honest. I AM biased. It’s Rain’s for God sake. Of course I’ll like his movie better. ^^

A Rain’s fan or not, if you like Kill Bill, I think you’ll love this. And if you are a sucker for action movies, Ninja Assassin is a better choice to watch, rather than any other films screened at the moment. But if you hate gory things, I recommended you go watch New Moon instead.


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