How could I miss this! Wonder Girls is BACCKKKK~~~!!!!

21 May

Well. Two posts in a row. [Not bad for a comeback right?]

Oh well. Pity Bi (or Rain for whoever like the name better), since his comeback with Love Song, I didn’t even update my blog. But now, when the Wonder Girls comes back, [whammm!] I’m here. XD Not that I hate you now Bi [I love you until my hair turned grey, promise!]

Back to Wonder Girls… the song is addictive! The first time I heard it, I was just like, blehhh. Then the second time around, I thought  JYP really does have talents with sick beats. Third time listening to it, I’m humming two two…

And when the MV came out, I am completely in LOVE! Give me two different tears… after all these years…

It’s funky, no? To be perfectly honest, I’m quite tired with the dark-mysterious-sexy concepts flooding Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core and Mnet dancefloors. Thank God for this funky concept, I’m bored no more!

And, as this mark the first official appearance in Korea for Hye Lim, I guess she did a good job. I’m actually glad she’s different from Sun Mi [even though I’m sure there will be only 1 Sun Mi ever in this world due to her 4D personality], her voice was quite powerful too. I’m sure someday she will blend in perfectly in Wonder Girls, just like Yoo Bin did. ^^

I just have a complaint though. So Hee sounded better singing in English version of the song rather than the Korean version. Her voice sounded stronger in the former version… but I don’t know. I’ll just keep an eye on her next tome for their second comeback stages and more appearances in music shows.

Anyway, here’s the comeback stage on Mnet Countdown. And to be perfectly honest, I am never a fan of Mnet Countdown since the quality of the show is erm… a bit crappy? The sound system seemed to be always off, the camera’s ‘flying’ and ‘zooming’ nowhere… and they really should limit the use of dry ice for good. Anyway, here is! Enjoy~~~


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