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Rest in peace, Park Yong Ha.

30 Jun

I am having the shock of my life right now. When I saw a post in allkpop that said Actor Park Yong Ha Commit Suicide, I was like ‘bleh, allkpop really loves to shock people when it’s all but a gimmick.’

Noncommittally I just click on the post and my eyeballs nearly popped out from their respective socket. The first question that comes to my mind was WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY?

I still remember him in Winter Sonata. The drama was the first drama of his that I watched, and instead of rooting for Bae Yong Joon’s character, I was rooting for him. Then came more dramas featuring him. I watched. I laughed, I smiled, I cried with his characters.

And I also remember how much I love his voice. I still remember wondering whose voice was it that tugged my heart every time I was watching All In. When I discovered it was him, I was pleasantly surprised. Happier when I heard his voice once again in Full House. And of course, in On Air.

But now, neither can I see him in a new project with Yoon Eun Hye nor can I heard him singing with that somewhat soothing husky voice.

I am asking over and over again why is he doing this… but I know the answer will remain with him forever. He was taking it all with him to his grave. Reading a report at dramabeans, I felt sorry for his family and close friends. Especially those he talked to just before the incident happen. Park Si Yeon, please be strong!

I think this post by Elizabeth Tai rang a bell. It’s sad that some people, celebrities or common folks suffered from depression and nobody around  had realised what was happening to them.

Suddenly I was reminded of late Lee Eon. It was extremely sad the fact that an accident took his life, but it would had been even more devastating if he commit suicide. Just like Choi Jin-shil, Choi Jin-young, Ahn Jae-hwan, Jang Ja-yeon and Kim Ji-hoo, to name a few.

Joining the list now was Park Yong-ha, and even though this is very heartbreaking… I felt regretful just thinking about him.

Rest in peace.


A Rain’s Fan Review: Ninja Assassin!

2 Dec

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Not that I’m busy, I’m just ‘lazy’ing around doing nothing. I’m a freelancer at the moment (well, it’s my polite way of saying I’m unemployed), so I really had a LOT of time in my hand surfing (the internet, of course), watching movies and dramas, as well as binge eating. On daily basis.

Okay, enough of this, actually the MAIN motivator or you could say, inspiration to kick-start this blog again is THE man called Jung Ji Hoon. Ring any bell? Yup, the VERY same Jung Ji Hoon, Asia’s Biggest Superstar from South Korea. Nothing clicked yet? *rolls eyes* How about the man who kicked arse in NINJA ASSASSIN?

If the bell indeed rang, I’ll just say…. Ha! Finally we are thinking on the same frequency.

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Sydney in Love… again.

11 Mar

This is the final look of the film. It’s beautifully shot, and beautifully interpreted and done by the cast and crew. In some scenes Choi Jung Won looked like Lee Young Ae, but nonetheless she looked flawlessly beautiful.Baek Sung Hyun looked nice… nice abs, I must say. 😀

The bed scene was done in a very good way, it’s still sexy but very tastefully done. Applause again!

What do you think about the short film?

Speed Racer: Rain’s (as Tae Jo) Interview

4 May

Yes. I am an avid fan of his. And a fan I am I thought he is better off in Korea rather than the States. But if there’s where he wanted to be then my support will always be with him (OMG I sounded like a mum).

Here is a little video from KBS, a sneak peak on his latest Hollywood flick, ‘Speed Racer’. Yes, he talked in a Korean accented English. It was rather adorable I would say, and if I’m expecting a perfect English from him, I must be a dreamer rather than a realist I claimed to be (even my English wasn’t so perfect, and I really love British accent because it sounded sexy).

Imagine my dissappointment when I learned that he was in London on 30th April 2008 for ‘Speed Racer’ preview, I didn’t even know. I was pretty caught up with my viva’s and some coursework, thus my ignorance. I felt like yelling to the sky when I saw the pictures (which I really did), it was only 3 hours on bus and I can see him. Sigh~ I’m not so lucky then. Will make time to go to the cinema to see the film, I’ll just meet him there then. [Went to the corner and cry… 😦 I can’t believe this]