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Controversies at Dream Concert – JYPE, 2PM and Jay Park

23 May

I thought the day I will talk about the departure of Jay Park from 2PM and the controversies surrounding the incident is far away. But alas, the day had come. A little bit unexpected, but I think I should have my say now. [Even if nobody is reading this. I just need a channel to rant. Excusez-moi.]

Okay. First thing first. I am a 2PM fan. A JYPE supporter. I supported every single artist under the label. From the former to the latter. You name it, god, Bi, Byul, Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, JOO, Min, G-Soul, Im Jeong Hee, and several others and even the CEO himself, JYP. I might be biased writing this, but I’m being as natural as I can be.

Firstly, I’m not going around blaming Jay Park  for what had been happening to 2PM lately, but seriously, to those narrow-minded fans in Korea [oh, you know who you are], just leave that boy alone already!

Why are you chanting his name, for the love of GOD? Do you lot really need to do this?

  1. IF you are not pleased by 2PM’s behaviour and attitude at that bloody conference…
  2. IF you are not pleased by the rumour that JYPE bought $50,000 or more of 2PM CD’s so that they could win on Music Shows…
  3. IF you are not pleased that Music Bank and Inkigayo changed their point system to determine the winner…
  4. IF you think that they stole some other singer/band awards on music shows…
  5. IF you think they did not have any right to perform anymore…

then, WHY, do you have to use Jay Park’s name in order to HURT the boys? The boy had been bravely accepting the damages he had done in the past, had tried to get on his feet again and were trying his best to move on with his life. Do you think he would love to see on the internet, people shouting his name to hurt those he once held dear in his heart?

Secondly, if you are expecting some kind of apology from 2PM because of their behaviour at the conference, then bash them. Don’t bash anyone else. When they got on any stage, just stay put and quiet. Silence is the new loud, you know? And as much as I wanted to say this, I think it’s useless for me to tell to them to put yourself in their shoes. It is useless, and will be forever useless to say this because these people care more about themselves. Demand an apology? HAH! Why do you even need an apology? Did they fucked up your life? No. Of course not.

Do you think the boys were not upset at all during the conference? Do you think nobody told them to watch out whatever they were going to say? Do you think the boys were not tired because of what had happened? Do you think the boys were happy for the fact that they were left with 6 members because Jay Park decided to quit?

Why do you think Jay Park quit in the first place? Why do you think the boys had to let him go?

For all of these questions, we DO NOT know the definite answers. Only God and them knew. When we didn’t know anything, the turmoil in their hearts, how can we judge them? How can we, a mere third-party on the sideline, decide that they were right or wrong? We are not GOD. We don’t have the right.

Thirdly, if it’s true that JYPE bought those CD, so what? Did he bought the CDs using your money? He used his own money, I bet. And yes, I know that’s morally wrong. But I am someone who believes in karma. If he did wrong, it won’t be long when he got his punishment. Oh, if you said this incident is the punishment for JYP for hoarding the CDs, then JYP really has luck by his side. He had been doing things that was worse, and the punishment was just a… very small price to pay?

But why would a smart CEO waste his time and money hoarding CDs in order to let the boys win on music shows? A theoretical question though, what if the rumour was spread by JYPE themselves? Bad publicity is still a publicity. [Sarcasm intended]

Fourthly, if you are not pleased Music Bank and Inkigayo changed their format, go in front of their building and stage a strike or a protest. Didn’t you all have lots of time to spare in your hands? Besides, MBC or SBS had the reputation to listen to their audience’s voice more than they did listen to the artists or company labels. They’ll sure convert the system back to the one they used the last time.

Fifthly, stealing is bad. But what to do? The MCs presented them the awards. Should they step aside and say ‘We can’t accept the awards because we stole it’ ? Oh, come on! That’s the way of life. Other people’s loss is somebody else’s gain. Geez, grow up already [even though I know these people won’t]. We did not live in world that is black and white. Everything is grey.

Next, if they don’t have the right to perform, then why on Earth there were people who turned up for their Guerilla Concert? The one where Taec shed his manly tears for the first time on stage. There were still people or fans who still like [if not LOVE] them, and as far as I am concerned, fans kept a band alive. Zero fans, and you are out of the industry. Like Nichkhun said,

We’re living coz we have you.

I felt sorry for both 2PM members and Jay Park for the ugly turns in their respective lives. But they were trying to move on.

Why can’t we?

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Sydney In Love

2 Mar

I was surfing through the internet, and saw this beautiful teasers. Anyone remembers ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and Seeya’s heartbreaking MVs?

The main actor, Baek Sung Hyun and actress, Choi Jung Won appeared in those respectively, and should I say, Choi Jung Won is a true beauty.And how Sung Hyun had grown up into a ‘macho’ man. 😀

Can’t wait for the digital movie to come out soon. Mark your calendar guys, March the 5th.



Ne-Yo and Brian Joo Collaboration!

13 Jan

Ne-Yo and Brian seem like they are going to preform on one stage. It has been planned that Fly to the Sky’s Brian will meet Ne-Yo on the 11th of this month (That’s this Sunday!)

Universal Music says, “After Ne-Yo’s second concert he decided to do a Korean phone interview and decided to meet up with Brian.”

Ne-Yo and Brian together~

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Hwang Bo & Marco featured in Marie Claire Korea

20 Nov

One of my favourite magazine over here, and it was a wonderful delight that Hwang Bo was featured in the magazine alongside with Marco.

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Wonder Girls at MKMF 2008

17 Nov

It was the first time ever, in my life, to have watched a Korean music award LIVE, with a bunch of fun people… 🙂 Thank you… everyone who were with me at Spectacle! shoutbox, it was a rather delightful experience. And very hectic too! LOLS.

I was high for entirely a day, purposely avoided this blog so that I don’t just pour everything out. XD Anyway~ here’s some pictures of the girls during the ceremony, and boy, how lovely they are! Just a few… because my imageshack wasn’t really friendly at the moment.

Red Carpet

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SBS of South Korea: The End of Profesionalism?

13 Nov

I am completely baffled when I saw this at Coolsmurf blog! Went to visit Soompi as I always done, and there’s already a thread for it.

Cutting one’s performance without any prior notice is really something rude, and not issueing a well-deserved apology was another.

Even if the incident was a technical problem, it is a common courtesy to apologise. But they just didn’t.

This happened to Bi (Rain) during his performance at SBS’s own event. They invited him, and he agreed to appear. And they should have at least respected the less than four minutes airtime he was entitled to, because they gave him the previlage in the first place.

I do appreciate that his performance was the last one for the night, but cutting it so suddenly was just, plain rude.

I hope SBS will issue a formal apology, because Rain deserved one. If he was given a prior notice that his performance will be cut short, SBS wasn’t at fault.

But upon seeing Rain and his dancers reaction, I don’t think this was planned. Technical problem or not, SBS, it is a common courtesy to apologies.

Dispute over Kim Yuna 2008 Cup of China score: Part II

7 Nov

Well, first of all thanks to… uh… (?) for his/her comment in my previous entry, Dispute over Kim Yuna short program score in 2008 ISU Grand Prix Cup of China.

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