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A Rain’s Fan Review: Ninja Assassin!

2 Dec

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Not that I’m busy, I’m just ‘lazy’ing around doing nothing. I’m a freelancer at the moment (well, it’s my polite way of saying I’m unemployed), so I really had a LOT of time in my hand surfing (the internet, of course), watching movies and dramas, as well as binge eating. On daily basis.

Okay, enough of this, actually the MAIN motivator or you could say, inspiration to kick-start this blog again is THE man called Jung Ji Hoon. Ring any bell? Yup, the VERY same Jung Ji Hoon, Asia’s Biggest Superstar from South Korea. Nothing clicked yet? *rolls eyes* How about the man who kicked arse in NINJA ASSASSIN?

If the bell indeed rang, I’ll just say…. Ha! Finally we are thinking on the same frequency.

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Again and Again… 2:00PM, Time For Change

16 Apr

Ah, I had lost my heart again. Care to hand it back, Lee Jun Ho?

The MV is a nice change… since they did look manlier, compared to their last venture, 10 out of 10. Chan Sung finally look decent with short hair, Junsu looked considerably better with half-swept hair (rather than the bowl cut he sported during Only You activities), whilst the other look just like usual.

Even so! Nichkhun’s hairstyle is really not that good, and I disliked how some of them wore ‘half-completed’ pants (what’s wrong with ankle length pants anyway?)

One thing that I noticed, with Jun Ho looking every bit like Bi (except without those highlights), it reminds me of Bi’s In My Bed… so I don’t know.*sigh*

Anyway~ the boys looked mighty fine, and the song is SUPER nice, so I think I can overlook the flaws. 😛 Anyone interested, here’s Bi – In My Bed.

Super Junior Explosive Comeback!

14 Mar

Welcome back Super Junior!Finally the day had come, and I am very sure that every single ELF living on this Earth is very happy. 😀 Even though I am not one of them. Anyway, back to business. I’m here to comment, so here is.

The title song, Sorry Sorry is very catchy. Reminds me of Gee by SNSD at first listen,but what to do. Both group are from SM Entertainment, so the similarity is kind of ‘unavoidable’. Nice cheorography nonetheless, very well done. Having ‘split’ the boys into smaller ‘groups’ as they danced away is a very good idea actually. Some of the dance stepI reminds me of Mirotic by DBSK and Rainism by Bi (Rain) was wondering whose eye and whose thigh (clad with laced-stockings) were featured in first few minutes of the MV, because I don’t really see the need of ‘them’.

Han Geng was the only one who was wearing shades, and he kind of stood out for that reason. And yeah, when he executed some of the dance sequence, he reminds me of Bi (Rain) performing Rainism, again. XD And as usual, its nearly impossible to get everyone on camera for a long time, so a few members had a blink and miss appearances, quite a pity. Especially who doesn’t really sing, most prominently Lee Teuk, Ki Bum and Hee Chul. As well as Han Geng, Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong I think.

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Jang Dong Gun’s Oscar and Bi’s Grammy Dreams…

14 Feb

Everyone have dreams. Even the top stars have ones. Kudos to SK Telecom, at least for 20 seconds, Jang Dong Gun’s and Bi’s dream had come true!

Cute CF! 🙂

Rain at 7th Korean Film Awards

7 Dec

Better late than never! 😛

I find myself drooling and salivating. Haha~ yes, I’m exaggerating.

Even Son Ye Jin was grinning. Now thats an accomplishment, Bi!

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Rain and Jang Dong Gun SK Telecom CF

4 Dec

Just in time for christmas! 🙂

Whoever say this is not cute, I think they had a completely different definition of the word. XD

Bi (Rain) Promoting ‘Only You’

22 Nov

I had never really do fangirling here, considering that I am an avid fan of him. To be honest, I am experiencing, lets say… withdrawal? Maybe because he’s away from Korea a lot, and its kind of hard to ‘track him down’.

Anyway, I’m glad he’s back in Korea. I found this cute, so I thought I’ll just post this here.

The writing on the paper says ‘Bi is not that good’, but it was only a joke. Written by his dancers. LOL They were really good friends. 🙂