2PM is Without You? ^^

22 May

The 6 men don’t have to do anything more to make me love them. They worked hard and they played hard, what more can a fan ask from them?

With the release of their Don’t Stop Can’t Stop album, it marked the 2nd project they had successfully completed without Jay Park as a member of the team. And I think even they would agree that even if Jay wasn’t there physically, he is still there in their hearts. I do have a lot of comments regarding Jay leaving, but since in this post, I wasn’t supposed to rant about that particular incident, let’s put the matter behind for the time being, shall we?

Without You is no doubt one of the greatest productions of JYP (I salute you, man! You are amazing!). Although the sound of rain reminded me of Rain, but the piano melody really tugged your heart if you listen to it carefully throughout the song. The opening rap by Taec set the ‘hurting’ mood, but toned down by the music later on in a very nice way. Chansung did a good job in this song, way better than the way he sang in their previous songs before. Junsu and Junho excell in the chorus part with brilliant ad-lips here and there, Khun’s rap was GOOD! I always thought his gentle and soft voice wouldn’t suit powerful and angsty rap, boy, how I was wrong! Wooyoung’s part was kind of highlight of the song, and did he deliver!

And I know there are a lot of people complained about the choreography, but for me it’s perfect! Do you expect them to have a really powerful choroe like Heartbeat when the tone is definitely smoother and calmer compared to their previous title hit? No, I don’t think so. Maybe there were some points that can be done better, for me the dance worked.

Just look at this one!

[by the way, Junsu, get well soon!]

Now, you still think the choreo lacked? Please!

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How could I miss this! Wonder Girls is BACCKKKK~~~!!!!

21 May

Well. Two posts in a row. [Not bad for a comeback right?]

Oh well. Pity Bi (or Rain for whoever like the name better), since his comeback with Love Song, I didn’t even update my blog. But now, when the Wonder Girls comes back, [whammm!] I’m here. XD Not that I hate you now Bi [I love you until my hair turned grey, promise!]

Back to Wonder Girls… the song is addictive! The first time I heard it, I was just like, blehhh. Then the second time around, I thought  JYP really does have talents with sick beats. Third time listening to it, I’m humming two two…

And when the MV came out, I am completely in LOVE! Give me two different tears… after all these years…

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Hello hello… [knock knock]

21 May

Hey… it’s been a while since I was here last time. Let me calculate… [gasp] nearly 6 months????

To those who wondered if this dead site will ever went up again, it’s up now! 😛 I didn’t meant to leave it that way, it’s just being online is quite difficult these days…

I’m quite glad while looking at the stats of this website actually, because there will be at least 100  views every month. I am thankful to those who clicked away my blog… and sorry to dissappoint you in any way. ^^

Phew. Now that I’m done, I might be frequenting this blog now and then. So… watch the space?

With lots of love, Faraway~

A Rain’s Fan Review: Ninja Assassin!

2 Dec

It’s been a while since I last wrote. Not that I’m busy, I’m just ‘lazy’ing around doing nothing. I’m a freelancer at the moment (well, it’s my polite way of saying I’m unemployed), so I really had a LOT of time in my hand surfing (the internet, of course), watching movies and dramas, as well as binge eating. On daily basis.

Okay, enough of this, actually the MAIN motivator or you could say, inspiration to kick-start this blog again is THE man called Jung Ji Hoon. Ring any bell? Yup, the VERY same Jung Ji Hoon, Asia’s Biggest Superstar from South Korea. Nothing clicked yet? *rolls eyes* How about the man who kicked arse in NINJA ASSASSIN?

If the bell indeed rang, I’ll just say…. Ha! Finally we are thinking on the same frequency.

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Infinite Hiatus

6 May


Even though there were not really much visitors here, I’m sorry to announce my infinite hiatus as I’ve been busy with my uni life and the prospect of being a non-student after this…hence….

Stay healthy everyone. Until then~

2PM Explosive Comeback…

24 Apr

It’s their time to shine! IT’s 2 PM!

*major nosebleed*

Did they do well? You decide.

Kim Yuna, the natural beauty…

18 Apr

I was surfing and thought, ah maybe I should visit Yuna’s cyworld for a start. And I hit the jackpot! LOL The girl was rarely updating during the seasons (which was rather, normal… considering she’s training hard for the competitions), but after the Worlds ended, I found myself staring at 2 new pictures, which looked to me like a ‘before-after’ make-up picture. Hehe~

Either way she’s still a beauty…only when with make-up she appeared matured, older. While without make-up she looked like a normal but beautiful teenager.


and other than that, I also ‘revisited’ her entry after winning the Worlds. Only that time around, I didn’t really understand what she wrote about. But BelleFilleYuna at Yu-Na Kim Forum had translated it (thank you so much) and it was quite touching… a humble thank you to Brian Orser, David Wilson, Astrid Shrubb and Tracy Wilson from my side. (Even though my existance was like… completely unimportant to this young star. LOL)


Why have I been worried so much, why have I gotten so fearful….
I had to go through so many uneasiness in my mind
thinking what if I fail at Worlds when I want it so much
Even though I was doing fine and I had confidence to do so,
I used to fear for the uncertainties my future holds for me.
However I think I could get it off a bit this time.
It feels as though I’m accomplishing my goals as I’ve envisionned it in my mind.
one step and then another…like climbing up to the place where I want to be
the moment that I realize my past hardships and sufferings were all for myself, here in present time.

Thank you.