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Again and Again… 2:00PM, Time For Change

16 Apr

Ah, I had lost my heart again. Care to hand it back, Lee Jun Ho?

The MV is a nice change… since they did look manlier, compared to their last venture, 10 out of 10. Chan Sung finally look decent with short hair, Junsu looked considerably better with half-swept hair (rather than the bowl cut he sported during Only You activities), whilst the other look just like usual.

Even so! Nichkhun’s hairstyle is really not that good, and I disliked how some of them wore ‘half-completed’ pants (what’s wrong with ankle length pants anyway?)

One thing that I noticed, with Jun Ho looking every bit like Bi (except without those highlights), it reminds me of Bi’s In My Bed… so I don’t know.*sigh*

Anyway~ the boys looked mighty fine, and the song is SUPER nice, so I think I can overlook the flaws. 😛 Anyone interested, here’s Bi – In My Bed.


2PM Sizzling Again and Again!

15 Apr

I shouldn’t be doing this. I know. But this is how this thing work. People come, listen, repeated the song in their playlist. And then thought, ‘I should buy this’.

So, with the first listen, I think I’m going to buy the single. For sure.  Support 2PM guys!

Here’s the teaser.