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Kim Yuna, the natural beauty…

18 Apr

I was surfing and thought, ah maybe I should visit Yuna’s cyworld for a start. And I hit the jackpot! LOL The girl was rarely updating during the seasons (which was rather, normal… considering she’s training hard for the competitions), but after the Worlds ended, I found myself staring at 2 new pictures, which looked to me like a ‘before-after’ make-up picture. Hehe~

Either way she’s still a beauty…only when with make-up she appeared matured, older. While without make-up she looked like a normal but beautiful teenager.


and other than that, I also ‘revisited’ her entry after winning the Worlds. Only that time around, I didn’t really understand what she wrote about. But BelleFilleYuna at Yu-Na Kim Forum had translated it (thank you so much) and it was quite touching… a humble thank you to Brian Orser, David Wilson, Astrid Shrubb and Tracy Wilson from my side. (Even though my existance was like… completely unimportant to this young star. LOL)


Why have I been worried so much, why have I gotten so fearful….
I had to go through so many uneasiness in my mind
thinking what if I fail at Worlds when I want it so much
Even though I was doing fine and I had confidence to do so,
I used to fear for the uncertainties my future holds for me.
However I think I could get it off a bit this time.
It feels as though I’m accomplishing my goals as I’ve envisionned it in my mind.
one step and then another…like climbing up to the place where I want to be
the moment that I realize my past hardships and sufferings were all for myself, here in present time.

Thank you.


Intentional Impeding during Warm-up at Figure Skating

14 Apr

I am thoroughly and immensely disappointed. I mean, what the hell is this?

I had huge respect on these skaters, they are the real fighters, but now they snatched it from me. Where is the sportsmanship guys?

Please stop. Don’t harm others and yourself too. It’s a plea.

Hail the new World Champion, Kim Yuna!

11 Apr

Yes. I am VERY late. But better late than never!

My favourite skater, Kim Yuna had finally claimed her first Worlds title with first class performance at LA. All I can say she’s magnificent! She had broken her own record of 72.24 she set at 4CC Championship, with a whopping 76.12 for her short program.

I had honestly believe she would never able to surpass her brilliant SP performance, El Tango de Roxane at 2007 World Championships in Tokyo. (Her performance at 4CC where she got 72.24 performing Danse Macabre wasn’t etched into my heart as a better performance than the memorable El Tango de Roxane)

Kim Yuna had proved me wrong. She did brilliantly in 2009 World Championship in LA, had left me gaping when she finished performing her short program (although I noticed she kind of slipped a little bit – very little, mind you – during the step sequence).

Everything was perfect, and dare I hope there’s more to come.

Her long program was the best in this season, even though she struggled with the salchow jump during the second half of the program.

And here she was, on the podium… I accidentally cried when she cried… Congratulations, Kim Yuna!

Congratulations, Kim Yuna!

11 Feb

The Four Continents Championship (4CC) has closed its curtain, and one of the gold medalists emerged from this event is Kim Yuna from South Korea. She beat her own record in the short program to lead the competition, followed by a convincing performance in her free skating.

It is true that she placed third in free skate, but won overall because of her mind-blowing performance in short skate, but in my humble opinion she deserved the win. If anyone watch her fall during the long program and see how she fights back, I think most will agree with me.

Kim Yuna kissing her Gold

Congratulations to both Joannie Rochette of Canada and Mao Asada of Japan for silver and bronze medal respectively, it was fun to see how the ladies tried their very best and laid out beautiful performances at the very site of the Winter Olympic’s figure skating will be held.

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A New World Record Set, again!

5 Feb

Congratulations to Kim Yuna for setting the ISU World Record for short program yet again with 72.24 in 4 Continets Championship held in Vancouver, Canada yesterday (4th February 2009). She broke her own record of 71.95 set in ISU 2007 World Figure Skating Championships.

This is Kim Yuna first appearance in 4CC event, and in my personal opinion, she started off with a blast! The best performance for Danse Macabre she delivered yesterday will remain in my memory, even though personally I love her Tango De Roxanne SP during World Championship 2007.

Here is the video of her short program, and only one word can describe it. BRILLIANT.

And here she is after winning the short program today.


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Kim Yuna and Mao Asada Face Off (Yet Again) in 4CC

5 Feb

As for at the moment, pardon me for being a little too excited, but the ladies are skating their short program now. Yes, I mean NOW!

It’s a pity that I am not in Canada, to worsen up the condition British Eurosport or ESPN decided not to be a sport and do a live broadcast for this event. So I’ll have to wait until someone over at Kim Yuna forum provided me with a video to watch.

But thanks to Yonhap News, here’s the warming up session for the ladies, shows both Mao Asada and Kim Yuna. Might explain why Yuna’s make-up wasn’t as good as it should be. LOL I personally thought smoky eyes make-up suit her best.

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Kim Yuna News

1 Feb

It’s been a while since I posted up her news, and heads up everyone! She will be competing in 4CC championship in Vancouver, Canada on the 5th february. Now I hope Eurosport will broadcast the event.

And, here was what I found by surfing the intenet, so credit goes to On Nu-ri JoongAng Ilbo [jeeho@joongang.co.kr].

‘I was taken aback by all the attention, but it’s kind of fun, too.’

For Korean sports fans today, perhaps no other athlete better epitomizes their hopes and dreams than figure skater Kim Yu-na.

Although her homeland has been barren territory for the sport in the past, Kim, 18, has beaten skaters from powerhouses like Japan and the United States at their own game. She has single-handedly thrown Korea into unprecedented figure skating frenzy.

For a nation that looked to baseball pitcher Park Chan-ho and golfer Pak Se-ri for inspiration during the late 1990s’ financial crisis, Kim is a new icon in another difficult period.

As the new year kicks off today, a recent survey by the JoongAng Sunday suggests Kim was the one person who made Koreans feel happier in 2008. In an e-mail interview with the JoongAng Ilbo, Kim mused about her fame and talked about what lay ahead for her in 2009.

Yuna seen at Angel on Ice 2008 in Korea

She spent most of December in Korea, first to compete in the International Skating Union’s Grand Prix Final and then to honor a commitment with her sponsors and to perform the Christmas Day ice show in Seoul.

Kim was last in Korea in May and the seven months in between have made a world of difference. Back then, she could walk through downtown Seoul unrecognized and undisturbed. But in December, she couldn’t even go out to lunch with friends.

“I was taken aback by all the attention,” she said. “But it’s kind of fun, too. I suppose I’ve got to learn to live with this circus, as long as it doesn’t distract me from my performance.” Continue reading