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The Relation Between Leadership and Loving your Work

26 May

Since I started working last January [yeay, no more freelancing and binge eating], I never actually feel attached to what I am doing. Things didn’t go around as I expected them to. So I barely hanging on, trying to find something to make me love this job.

And today, even though I didn’t exactly found something worth to love, the sense of satisfaction just washed through me when my boss said,

Well done. You did a great job.

with a smile on his face when I thought I didn’t particularly do well. That’s because I was even reprimanded by my ‘higher in hierarchy’ boss for what I did [we had a discussion-meeting with 60+ people from all over the state attending] and from that moment on, I wasn’t feeling that great either.

But my immediate boss comment before we went home had greatly motivated me, a lot. It doesn’t take much to smile and say something like that, and I would love to remind myself if I get a promotion and become somebody else’s boss, this is the approach I should be taking when it comes to dealing and treating my ‘future’ subordinate.

I mean, does it hurt to talk gently and smile a lot, so other people will feel a lot better just by looking at your face? No, my boss had proven that, so I’m going to follow his footsteps.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.

– John Quincy Adams


Hello hello… [knock knock]

21 May

Hey… it’s been a while since I was here last time. Let me calculate… [gasp] nearly 6 months????

To those who wondered if this dead site will ever went up again, it’s up now! 😛 I didn’t meant to leave it that way, it’s just being online is quite difficult these days…

I’m quite glad while looking at the stats of this website actually, because there will be at least 100  views every month. I am thankful to those who clicked away my blog… and sorry to dissappoint you in any way. ^^

Phew. Now that I’m done, I might be frequenting this blog now and then. So… watch the space?

With lots of love, Faraway~

Hello all~

3 Jun

To my blog visitors….

Thanks for visiting! I’ve been sick for the past few days (and still sick as I’m typing this) so there won’t be updates on We Got Married Episode 12 as I usually do at the end of each episode.

I’ve watched it with sub just now, since I’ve been sleeping the whole day and got nothing to do when everyone was asleep… what I can say is its dissappointing that Solbi lost the ring, but really I want to see how she broke the news to Andy in the next episode…

And even though this is REALLY REALLY dissappointing, but keep our head high!

Andy-Solbi tandem are even tighter than it was before! Why??? Haha~ just look at them! This nerve-wrecking episode were recorded on 13th May, and they were back to their lovey dovey self on Music Core (MCing together on 24th May) even though Solbi was quiet and down during Sang Sang Plus (the recording took place after on 15th May).

And more importantly when they were recording ‘Introducing Star Friend’ on the 19th, Solbi was back to her usual self, playful and Andy was okay as well! They were MORE than okay when filming WGM at Everland on the 27th, holding hands and all, as well as the KISS in ‘Come to Play’ recorded on the 28th! 😀

So come on people, don’t worry! Hahah~ worry about my health then. XD

Ah~ I really hope I’m going to be fine in the next few days. Can’t really lie down on the bed for the whole day…….