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Andy and Solbi Caught Dating at Everland!

29 May

Hahha~ did I overdo the title? I think I am. XD Everyone knew this already I think. Anyway, here’s some pictures of them caught on camera~

They went for a ride (or two, I don’t know, I wasn’t there at the ‘crime scene’) and seemed like Andy was carrying Solbi’s pink purse. LOL. Another ‘marking the territory’ act from Solbi. I soptted a pink portable fan as well. HAHA~ that’s way cute!

According to fan accounts, Andy and Solbi held hand troughout the date, because Andy doesn’t want any ‘mob’ to hurt Solbi. Hahha~ OMG so protective and cute at the same time! Its actually undeniable that they are so close to each other.

The pic below is my favourite picture of them! Andy looked so happy, seemed like he’s being a ‘kid’ again. LOL. I wonder if he bought the soft toy Solbi was holding!

I am SO looking forward this episode of We Got Married. Since Andy’s wish had come true, alhough it’s not with his ‘official’ girlfriend… but at least she’s his ‘wife’! LOL I sincerely hope they bought some candy floss! AHAH~

Some members in Soompi were talking about how the way Andy looked at Solbi had changed. I guess its true. He seemed to be looking at her lovingly these days. Or thats what I thought~

Look forward this Friday. Are you ready, everyone? 🙂

Pictures Credit to DC, Baidu, and Soompi



PART 2: Andy and Solbi Chronology in ‘We Got Married’

27 May

16th May – May I assume they record Sang Sang Plus with Andy? That will explain Solbi’s quietness and her efforts of distancing herself from Andy, if she received a lot of bad comments because of the picture emerged in So Yu Jin’s cyworld. However, this is purely my speculation

17th May  – KBS2 Star Golden Bell, Andy revealed he had a 90% intention to date Solbi! But… that’s after they knew each other well enough and after he completed most of his schedule, such as album promotion, musical, movie and dare I guess that inculde your 2 years in army as well, Andy? To be honest Solbi is busy as well. She is the MC of a lot of variety shows and she’s acting in a drama as well. Gif credit to chickenwing @ Soompi. Thats when the MC asked, ‘So you don’t love Solbi at all?’ and thats his reaction, going after the MC.

18th May – Episode 10 of ‘We Got Married’ to be shown, with Solbi’s parents. It was 100 minutes special. Andy’s ‘Meet the Parent’ was a success of course, I think her parents sort of like him. 🙂 Way to go Andy~ He gave Solbi the much awaited ring! Simple, but adorable event.

20th May – Andy appearance in Sang Sang Plus Season 2 was aired. I believe the recording should take place a little earlier than this date, shouldn’t it? Andy tried to shock her when she turned the wheel for balloon talk (she was only scared a slightest bit), and answered ‘Yes’ if  Solbi initiated a relationship with Andy. But he commented that he doesn’t know Solbi’s heart… I wonder what does that mean. And he picked her for his last balloon popping round, and he popped the balloon by himself. Solbi smiled, and came the subtitle beneath, ‘Why are you…?’ with small love. Kekeke~ 

Anyway, Solbi was quiet during balloon talk, she seemed uncomfortable, she got the least airtime compared to earlier episodes, and her ad-lips reduced significantly. It seemed like its Andy who talked a lot.I believe she was under scrunity of fans. Furthermore, a fan account during the recording, Solbi seemed to be so cold to Andy, and distanced. On-screen, they looked fine, who the hell know whats going on in her mind. With fans bad mouthing here and there, I will be in a bad mood as well. But during the ‘Children Story’ Game, she looked better, smiled a lot. And the highlight of the day, when people were fighting for basket from Andy, he put it in the middle to be ‘fair’ but in the end he kicked it towards Solbi. the subtitle beneath ‘Love Pass to Solbi’ 😀

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Happy Birthday Park Ye Eun!

26 May

You are now 19 years old!!! Happy birthday!

ye eun

Be healthy and be happy, Ye Eun-ah~ Unnie will always support you and the rest of Wonder Girls… Best of luck with ‘So Hot’!


Bonus: The Smexy Ye Eun!

ye eun



We Got Married Episode 11: Andy-Solbi & Preview

25 May

Episode 11 opened up with a very sweet scene. Solbi looked especially lovely, and Andy just glowed. Solbi was holding her new phone, and Andy’s eyes were eyeing her left hand, asking why she didn’t wear his ring. He asked her if she sold the ring, (lol) and she told him she had kept the ring safely in a case. I really like the way he throw a fit as he asked for his ring.

Andy Solbi

Solbi kept changing the subject, seemed like she doesn’t want to pursue the issue any longer. During Andy’s personal interview, he said he was wondering why she wasn’t wearing it. I can see his dissappointment, but isn’t in love you have to push and pull. Solbi had done her fair share of ‘push’ now its time to do the pulling! Bravo Solbi!!! Bravo! But I am happy when Andy said, when he was ready to accept her heart and vice versa fo Solbi, she will wear it. (Of course she will Andy!) Solbi, on the other hand, admitted that the ring is too precious for her, and the reason she did not wear it, only she knew.

Andy Solbi

Note that Andy was listening quite intently to what she was saying, and stole a brief glance towards Solbi. I think he doesn’t know that he was caught on the camera! 😀 Cut to they were talking about what to cook for the housewarming party, with Solbi volunteering to cook, because she was thankful that Andy had cooked for her parents before. Andy asked her to fold the clothes, but in the end, its Andy who’s doing it! Haha~ I love the way he kept on calling her, Solbi, Solbi-ya~~~! They then talked about who were they going to invite over, with Solbi asking about Eric again. Can’t see Andy’s reaction as the camera wasn’t on him, but later on Solbi called Cha Tae Hyun.

Andy Solbi

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Andy had seen Solbi’s pictures when she was a baby!

25 May

When? Where? Why?

Ahah~ I was surfing the internet when I came across this clip, and thank godness it has translation in the description box as well… So i decided to sub the clip, and tada! Here is!!!


Dated in 11th November 2007, which was about one year and a half back, Andy had been looking at his ‘wife’ picture, courtesy from Kim Jong Min’s Happy Shares Company. They were recording Shin Dong Yup’s ‘Itta Eopta’ and during the break Jong Min showed him his opponent picture, which happened to be Solbi!

What a coincidence! I never thought their fate crossed this early! Haha~

Anyway, enjoy! Thanks to Mommie Alice @ Soompi for translating it!

Andy and Solbi as MBS Music Core MC!

25 May

I don’t know whether this is a dream. But its not! 😀

24th May 2008 – The famous Andy-Solbi couple from “We Just Married” Andy and Solbi appeared as MC together on 24th May’s MBC Music Core program.

Music Core was originally MC’ed by Solbi and Big Bang members Seung Ri and Dae Sung, but as the Big Bang members are doing preparations for their DaeGu Concert, they were unable to MC for one episode for the program, and so Andy took their place as MC.

Andy who used to be the MC for SBS Inkigayo in 2006, was well versed in this area and had led the show on smoothly, and together with Solbi, the episode was well received.

AnBi is one of the 5 couples featured on MBC “We Just Married” where celebrities play married couples, and AnBi has lately received a lot of media attention regarding the possibility of them dating in real life.

posted in Soompi: coffinhouse
source: daum news, newsen, todaykorea
translation: sookyung@multiply

Here’s the MC cuts!

Thanks to coffinhouse again! 🙂

Get ready for Tae Yang and Wonder Girls!

23 May

Decided to combine the post, since I’m pretty much posting their MVs…

Two words for Wonder Girls new MV, SO HOT!

Sun Ye look pretty with short hair, seriously speaking. It’s refreshing! Sun Mi looked beautiful as usual. So Hee looked every bit like a movie star, and her ‘stumbling’ pose was hillarious! It worked well. Yoo Bin looked good. It felt like summer already. And Ye Eun is SMOKING HOT! She’s sexiest in this particular one. Shame that her singing lines wasn’t that much. And as for the sudden appearance of ‘someone’ at the back when she was dancing, a lot of people speculated that it was Hyun Ah. But zooming in a bit it seemed like their dance teacher.

Thanks to Coolsmurf @ Youtube!


And Tae Yang is back! With his members cameo appearance in this one! Nice~ and cute. I still remember the girl, she’s from the drama ‘I Really Really Like You’ as Eugene’s character’s sister, but unfortunately I don’t know her name. She’s very pretty, in my opinion!

The storyline is nice! Big Bang MVs never fail to amuse me, and Tae Yang’s MV is no exception. 🙂

Thanks to frostsg @ Youtube!