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It’s time to let them go…

24 Mar

First it was Hwayobi. And I consoled myself, saying, ‘It’s not that long she had that “fake” marriage with that “rascal” Hwanhee. It’s no surprise.”

And then came Shin Ae wedding bells, from afar. And left me utterly speechless.

Then finally I realised, its time to let go. It’s fake from the very first moment, and why am I still here, harboring too much anticipations and thoughts for them.

Hereby, farewell, Andy-Solbi, Crown J-In Young, Alex-Shin Ae, HwanHee-Hwayobi, Marco-DamBi, and these two, whom I held so dear in my heart, HyunJoong-HwangBo.

It’s been a wonderful time, having to witness how the relationship blossomed on screen. But life off-screen is the real one, so congratulations Hwayobi and Shin Ae. I wish you all the best.


Wedding Shot, but Hwang Bo is nowhere to be seen.

17 Mar

Instead we saw Go Hye Sun in her place. Haha~I’m seriously not trying to be funny, or sarcastic, but the chemistry wasn’t there. Or is it just me that both of them look stony, even Go Hye Sun?

True to my nature, I’m posting shillang and Buin’s 100 day photoshoot here as well… not that I’m saying there got more chemistry, well at least Hyun Joong looked better without the dark circles and smiles on place.


What do YOU think?

Super Junior Explosive Comeback!

14 Mar

Welcome back Super Junior!Finally the day had come, and I am very sure that every single ELF living on this Earth is very happy. ๐Ÿ˜€ Even though I am not one of them. Anyway, back to business. I’m here to comment, so here is.

The title song, Sorry Sorry is very catchy. Reminds me of Gee by SNSD at first listen,but what to do. Both group are from SM Entertainment, so the similarity is kind of ‘unavoidable’. Nice cheorography nonetheless, very well done. Having ‘split’ the boys into smaller ‘groups’ as they danced away is a very good idea actually. Some of the dance stepI reminds me of Mirotic by DBSK and Rainism by Bi (Rain) was wondering whose eye and whose thigh (clad with laced-stockings) were featured in first few minutes of the MV, because I don’t really see the need of ‘them’.

Han Geng was the only one who was wearing shades, and he kind of stood out for that reason. And yeah, when he executed some of the dance sequence, he reminds me of Bi (Rain) performing Rainism, again. XD And as usual, its nearly impossible to get everyone on camera for a long time, so a few members had a blink and miss appearances, quite a pity. Especially who doesn’t really sing, most prominently Lee Teuk, Ki Bum and Hee Chul. As well as Han Geng, Eun Hyuk and Shin Dong I think.

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Sydney in Love… again.

11 Mar

This is the final look of the film. It’s beautifully shot, and beautifully interpreted and done by the cast and crew. In some scenes Choi Jung Won looked like Lee Young Ae, but nonetheless she looked flawlessly beautiful.Baek Sung Hyun looked nice… nice abs, I must say. ๐Ÿ˜€

The bed scene was done in a very good way, it’s still sexy but very tastefully done. Applause again!

What do you think about the short film?

Sydney In Love

2 Mar

I was surfing through the internet, and saw this beautiful teasers. Anyone remembers ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and Seeya’s heartbreaking MVs?

The main actor, Baek Sung Hyun and actress, Choi Jung Won appeared in those respectively, and should I say, Choi Jung Won is a true beauty.And how Sung Hyun had grown up into a ‘macho’ man. ๐Ÿ˜€

Can’t wait for the digital movie to come out soon. Mark your calendar guys, March the 5th.