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How could I miss this! Wonder Girls is BACCKKKK~~~!!!!

21 May

Well. Two posts in a row. [Not bad for a comeback right?]

Oh well. Pity Bi (or Rain for whoever like the name better), since his comeback with Love Song, I didn’t even update my blog. But now, when the Wonder Girls comes back, [whammm!] I’m here. XD Not that I hate you now Bi [I love you until my hair turned grey, promise!]

Back to Wonder Girls… the song is addictive! The first time I heard it, I was just like, blehhh. Then the second time around, I thought  JYP really does have talents with sick beats. Third time listening to it, I’m humming two two…

And when the MV came out, I am completely in LOVE! Give me two different tears… after all these years…

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Which one do you prefer?

5 Apr

Cute love story?

{for Samsung Anycall Bodyguard}

Retro-looking guys and girls?

{for Cyon LG Lollipop}

or Sexy divas?

{for KTF Ever X-Slim}

I picked Wonder Girls over anything. Be it the dashing T.O.P or cute Kim So Eun. 🙂 As well as their endorsed KTF X-Slim phone, it’s better looking. Than Anycall (I actually love most of Samsung phones, but what are they thinking when they design this one???)

Oh well, what about you? Which one do you prefer? (Even if you can’t see any glimpse of Cyon’s Lollipop in the MV)

Cool Girls, Ye Eun and Mi Seung~

28 Jan

I don’t know if everyone watched this, but I did and I had a good laugh. The show, Introducing Star Friend. The guest, YooBin & Ye Eun of Wonder Girls, Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon of SS501, and Chan Sung of 2PM, alongside their friends of course.

The show had become less interesting when I last watched it… but in this episode, this catched my attention most. 🙂

Ye Eun’s friends, sang Nobody and Tell Me in pansori (a Korean traditional style of singing) and it was hillarious! Even the other guest was laughing like crazy. Ye Eun accompanied her by dancing to the verses (she was even laughing herself).

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Shameless: Fanfic Trailer

20 Jan

I was bored and couldn’t sleep… and resort to watch Youtube so that it would make me sleepy. Or so I thought. And now I am wide awake. XD

Anyway, while surfing I came across this trailer again, by insertusernamehere. I watched this long time ago, but still I marvelled at how good the trailer is. Featuring Wonder Girls and Big Bang members.

I read the fanfic as well in Soompi, but unfortunately it was closed, and the author never post up the fic somewhere else. (Or is it just me who never find it)

Anyway. Its up to you to judge. But the trailer is brilliant, it give the right feeling about the fic itself.

Showing some WonderBang L.O.V.E

6 Jan

DaeSung: “I do exchange text messages with female idol group members”

Big Bang DaeSung has recently revealed that he does exchange mobile phone text-message with female idol groups members, which almost put him into a difficult situation.

DaeSung was on the episode of SBS ‘Family Outing’ aired on 23rd November, where he said shily, “I do exchange text messages with female idol group members.”

Ye Eun of Wonder Girls and Dae Sung of Big Bang performing at MBC Gayo Show during Wonder Girls-Big Bang special stage

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Wonder Girl’s and 2PM Tango Rehearsal

19 Nov


I’ve seen Sun Mi’s and Taec… but when they posted up So Hee and Khun, I thought, ‘heck, let’s post this.’

Sun Mi and Taec

Sun Mi and Taec were good!! They matched in height (height factor is very important when you dance tango or Salsa, even more in Tango), and also, matched in look. LOL Good looking people…

The last pose was smexy!!! Everyone was applauding~ I will to, if I’m there.

So Hee and Khun

Khun caused a commotion when he did a slide on So Hee’s side. XD I think I heard Ye Eun and Sun Ye’s voice, going ‘Woaoooo~~~’ when he did that. LOL

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Wonder Girls at MKMF 2008

17 Nov

It was the first time ever, in my life, to have watched a Korean music award LIVE, with a bunch of fun people… 🙂 Thank you… everyone who were with me at Spectacle! shoutbox, it was a rather delightful experience. And very hectic too! LOLS.

I was high for entirely a day, purposely avoided this blog so that I don’t just pour everything out. XD Anyway~ here’s some pictures of the girls during the ceremony, and boy, how lovely they are! Just a few… because my imageshack wasn’t really friendly at the moment.

Red Carpet

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